IntellectPvP Network

Intellect is an Unturned Network that launched start of 2018. We aim to provide semi-op game-play and equip all players with kits so they can continue their PvP experience! We offer fully configured, no-lag servers optimised for your PvP and raiding so you get the best experience!



• Active Admins and Moderators.

• Vehicle Events every 60 minutes.

• Airdrops every 30 minutes.

• Feasts every 15 minutes.

• Economy, gain money by killing players, zombies, kits and selling loots.

• In-game shop that has 90% of all vanilla items.

• Brilliant kits for you to get right back into the PvP action.

• Awesome voting rewards.

• TPA and home to get straight back into the PvP action.


Yes we have RULES:

#1. No bug using, exploiting or abuse of powers.

#2. Do not ask admins for items, teleports, loot spawn, ect.

#3. No modded clients, results in perm ban.

#4. No threats, DDoS, Bad Language, Death Wishes and excessive use of CaPiTaL letters.

#5. Do not build walls around cities, towns and roads.

#6. Do not advertise, paste links or bypass filters in chat.

#7. No offensive content in the chat, this includes bullying and racism.

#8. Do not call people out for abuse or hacking, just /report it.

#9. Do not feed yourself bounties or kills to gain reputation, this includes group feeding.



•To check balance of your balance type /balance.

•To buy, sell or check the cost of item type /buy /sell /cost [item-ID]

•You can also buy vehicles by typing /buy v.[vehicle-ID]



#1 You must sign up and make an account here on

#2 You will be required to link your Steam account in order to vote and receive your reward in-game.

#3 Once you have done all the signing up and click the “vote" button and return in-game and type /reward. Enjoy!


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